The Vero Pizza and Pasta family

Vero is quite literally a company founded, built and run by a family…The Collier’s and the Lee’s. Our Vero family team includes, one chef, two fine artists (one of those artists is also a fisherman, and one was a teacher), one horticulturist, one retired rodeo rider, one farmer, and one home health care guru. You may be wondering how family, especially this diverse group can work so well together? We didn’t always. Our families always loved each other, but just like all families we had unresolved issues, distance, and life that got in the way. We came together and became stronger through food. The commonality of food became the connector and through it we gradually built back up the respect for each other and walls came down making it easier to express the love that was there all along. This is what we are so passionate about sharing with you through Vero. The magic of food, ingredients, cooking, imagination, art, and project collaboration is what brought us all closer and helped us realize our potential. We are all now distinctively strong individuals that are deeply connected.

The definition of family can extend beyond relatives. It can include fellow workers, friends, and any other group a person interacts with on a regular basis. In this spirit making and sharing meals can extend beyond the home. The Vero meal kits are designed to be shared and celebrated together with others whether in the home or in other gatherings.

Eating in its simplest form is primal to our existence but beyond that it can also be an enriching, creative experience. This experience can unlock the imagination. By unlocking the imagination, we begin to live up to our true potential. People living up to their potential impact the world in a positive way. The satisfaction of making something out of nothing, the craft of doing it well and the art of the final product have a positive impact on people’s lives. Cooking is creative. It requires exploration, innovation and imagination. Cooking together with others only enhances the experience. We encourage people to experiment and explore their imagination with the meal kits. This imaginative experience opens people up and makes them more loving and giving.

The Vero experience is about the art and craft of cooking, about unlocking the imagination and creativity of individuals and of family, about sharing and loving through common experience and about giving to others. Through all of this Vero will make a positive impact on the world.



Chef Katie Collier is the award winning Chef and Co-Owner of the Katie’s Pizza & Pasta Osteria restaurants in St. Louis, MO. Katie’s influence comes from time spent living in Florence Italy with her family as a young adult. Katie’s recent awards included Best Pizza from Feast Magazine 2016, Best Pasta from Feast Magazine 2016, and Best Restaurant by St. Louis Magazine 2016.

Katie enjoys teaching great Italian recipes through her hit YouTube cooking series “Cooking with Katie.” As the Vero Pizza and Pasta creator, co-owner and Chef, Katie now has the opportunity to bring her love of Italian cooking and teaching into your home. All of her recipes are carefully designed and consciously sourced for the novice cook with creative and modern interpretations of authentic Italian dishes. Katie loves the experience cooking has on friends and family. Vero was designed to encourage and highlight this experience.

Katie Collier

Ted Collier


Ted Collier is co-founder and co-owner of the award winning Katie’s Pizza & Pasta Osteria restaurants in St. Louis MO. Ted is an avid fisherman and outdoorsman. His love for preserving the environment for all to enjoy has influenced our commitment to consciously sourcing ingredients for Vero Pizza and Pasta. Ted is also a renowned artist, with sold paintings all over the world. His gallery is based in St. Louis, MO. Ted’s artistic gift has translated into the Vero Pizza and Pasta experience.


Belinda Lee is an artist and educator. She has shown her paintings nationally and has work in many private collections. She was an educator and administrator at Washington University in St. Louis where she taught in and managed their study abroad program in Florence, Italy. While teaching in Florence she brought her children, Katie Collier and Johnny Lee, two of her partners in Vero Pizza and Pasta, along to experience the art, culture, lifestyle and food of Italy. In 2013, Belinda left teaching to work with Katie and Ted Collier at the successful Katie’s Pizza & Pasta Osteria where she was subsequently joined by her son Johnny Lee.

Belinda Lee
Johnny Lee


Johnny Lee is the brother of Chef Katie Collier. He lives in St. Louis with his wife and two sons. Johnny was lucky enough to grow up with Katie in a creative household where good food and family were highly valued. A major highlight of his childhood were trips he go to take to Italy, while his mother Belinda taught study abroad courses for Washington University in St. Louis. The memories he made experiencing the culture, art and especially food have remained with him and influence his work even today.

After high school in St. Louis, MO, Johnny studied Economics and Environmental Studies at Pitzer College in Claremont, CA. While there he developed a love for horticulture working in the student run organic garden. When Johnny returned to St. Louis after school he continued to pursue his interest in horticulture owning and operating his own landscaping business before leaving the field to join his family at their highly successful restaurant.


Garrett is a native of St. Louis, where he resides with his 7-year-old son, Rhett. He attended Vanderbilt University and St. Louis University and pursued careers in the fields of law and sales. He recently began playing the tenor saxophone again, after having played in the jazz band in middle school nearly 25 years ago. He also enjoys travelling, hiking, and any activities that will keep him outside and in the sun. Most of all, Garrett enjoys spending time with his son and family.

Garrett Collier