1. How long does my subscription last?

Your subscription never runs out unless you cancel.

2. Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes! You may cancel your subscription anytime through your account profile.

3. Can I skip a week?

Yes, no problem. If you are going out of town or busy with plan’s please sign into your account profile and skip the appropriate week. We will roll over that week to the end of your subscription.

4. What if my box never arrives?

Please email us at customerservice@veropizzaandpasta.com and we will remedy the situation asap!

5. What if my kit is missing ingredients?

Please email us at customerservice@veropizzaandpasta.com and we will remedy the situation asap!

6. I’m allergic to nuts, can I order a Vero kit?

Our facility handles nuts, so order at your own discretion.

7. How do I change my delivery address?

Log into your account to change your subscription. All account changes take 7 days to process.

8. Can I send Vero as a gift?

Yes, we offer one time boxes or be the best friend ever and buy them a subscription.

9. Do I need a pizza steel to cook my pizza?

NO, you may use a cooking sheet or pizza pan to make a great pizza, although we highly recommend the pizza steel for an exceptional pizza!

10. Can I change my delivery day?

Yes! Please log into your account to change your delivery day. All account changes take 7 days to process.

11. How do I know if you deliver to me?

While signing up for your box we will ask you your zip code. I we don’t deliver to you yet, we will soon, so please try back. Try your work address too. Some customers get their boxes delivered to work if their home is out of the delivery area.

12. When will my food arrive?

Your food will arrive by 4pm on the day you have chosen for delivery.

13. Will my food stay fresh in transit?

Yes, Our boxes are filled just prior to delivery in specially designed refrigerated boxes that hold temp during delivery. Once you receive your kit refrigerate immediately.

14. What should I do when I receive my box?

Refrigerate immediately. You may make your recipe up to 2 days after receiving your box.

15. What if I’m not home during delivery?

Your box will be left on your doorstep for you. Please refrigerate your box immediately when you get home.

16. When do I receive my box?

You can schedule delivery as soon as the following day (excluding Sunday).

17. How many people does each kit feed?

Our kits can be enjoyed as 2 meals in a week for 2-3 people, or 1 meal for 4-6.

18. What if I want to cook for more than 4-6 people?

You may order multiple boxes under your subscription or order an additional box for one time delivery for your special dinner party.

19. Is the kids box easy for kids to cook?

Yes! We recommend adult supervision for all cooking, however we have specially designed all of our recipes for kids. Our recipes are easy and educational. Please watch our kids videos with 10 year old Chef Daniel.

20. What if I lost my recipe card?

No problem! Please visit the veropizzaandpasta.com page to watch the recipe video or download a new recipe card.

21. Do I need a pizza oven to cook my pizza?

No! Our pizza dough is specially designed for the home oven.

22. What if my question was not answered above?

Please email customerservice@veropizzaandpasta.com and we will answer your questions or concerns within 24 hours. We appreciate all feedback as we are a new growing company. Our mission is to always get better, so your feedback is very important to us.